About Petunia

Petunia is a 2-year old Jackapoo (Jack Russell-poodle mix) traveling the United States on the back of her human’s bicycle. Drop us a line– we’d love to be friends. touringtunes@gmail.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How safe is she safe in that carrier? Doesn’t she jump out?

A: Petunia is seat belted into her dog pod via a chest harness that has a seatbelt low in the front, and another one on the back that prevents her from getting too far out when she’s enjoying the fresh air. She likes to ride and hasn’t tried to jump out.

Q: Where’d you get the helmet and glasses?!

A: Doggles.com makes the goggles for dogs, and the helmet was purchased online from kooldawgtees.com.

Q: What about when she has to go potty?

A: She gives her human a specific poke in her back with her paws or nose when it’s time to get out.

Q: How’d you train her to stay in there?

A: She started riding with me when she was a small puppy, and shes’s a mellow dog with a healthy sense of adventure. It doesn’t hurt that she’s kind of a mama’s girl, and I suspect she likes the attention she gets when people see us out on rides.


3 Responses to About Petunia

  1. Angelina (Angie) Montoya says:

    We just met Greg, Jaimie and Petunia in Dubois Wyoming. What a family they are!! We invited them to stay with us in Oregon when they get to the Beaver State and hope to introduce Petunia to our various animals.
    Safe travels to these lovely adventurers, no sitting on the sidelines for these guys!
    Angie and Ray from Bend


    • TouringTunes says:

      Hi Angie and Ray! We were so pleased to meet you and then see you again in Jackson! Thanks for the lovely invitation and very kind wishes. We’re checking the maps to see if you’re near to our route. It would be great to stay with you all and get to meet your animal friends as well! All the best to you and your family. 🙂


      • Angelina (Angie) Montoya says:

        Hi Jamie and Greg and Tunes,
        Back in Bend now and remembering so fondly our meeting you all. We hope your travels bring you to Bend and we would be honored to have you stay as our guests for as long as you’d like.

        You are in our thoughts as you continue your fantastic adventure!
        Angie and Ray


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