From Sea to Shining Sea

There were many folks out on bikes along our route in Maryland yesterday, and whenever we stopped to drink water or check the maps, our fellow cyclists offered assistance, directions and support. Several people cheered us on as we cranked up hills, shouting “you rock!” and “Oh my goodness, is that a real dog?!”

We rested a bit during lunch yesterday and made some progress uploading some of the GoPro videos from the camera to the cell phone so we can start editing and posting a few, but we’re being cautious about battery life on our phones. Hopefully we’ll share some soon.

We made it to a section of the very large Patapsco Valley state park in Marriottsville and found a few families camping in a youth-camping area. When we approached them to find out where we could set up camp for the night, we leaned the family had several Boy Scouts in their party and the rest of the troop had just left after a weekend camping event.


Roger lived in the area and was camping with his wife and two of his children, and he offered some camp-site advice and kindly served up some leftovers, for which we were very grateful! We learned about their Scouts troop and lots about the state park, the rich history of the area, wild pig hunting, and even some suggestions for future adventures, like seeing Skyline Drive.

Roger’s son Justin, who will be entering into 6th grade this fall, was very friendly and bright Boy Scout and was a big fan of Petunia’s. Knowledgeable about the state park, he told Greg, upon seeing him putting our food stuff in a tree away from our tent, “you don’t need to do that– there aren’t any bears here. There are a lot of white tailed deer, though.”


Justin was a big fan of Tunes and wanted to take a picture of her with her helmet on. We were so happy to meet you all!


It was a really beautiful day out on bikes and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer Memorial Day weekend!



About TouringTunes

Petunia is an 8-year old Jackapoo (Jack Russell-poodle mix) who has traveled across the United States on the back of her human's bicycle.... twice. She's also cross-country cycled from Busan to Seoul, South Korea. Petunia and her human currently reside in Montana.
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