A hard rain’s a-gonna fall

After hosing down and hunkering down in Stafford, VA last night, we were ready for sleep. But around 11 pm the rain started up again, and by midnight we were all wide awake from the deafening rain and the lightning and thunder. When the wind started blowing and bending the tent sideways, we huddled together and thought we might seek shelter indoors, but decided to wait it out and soon after, it calmed down and we all slept soundly.


It rained lightly most of the day today, so Petunia’s rain fly was covering her carrier to keep her dry, but she likes to stick her head out and check out the sights and smells, even if she gets a little wet. We had a pleasant ride to Fredericksburg and enjoyed walking around the city a bit and surveying the many dining options. His propensity to try to scavenge anything off my plate that I don’t immediately inhale has earned Greg the nickname “Are You Gonna Eat That?”


Following a leisurely afternoon in town, we decided to make a break for the local Kampground of America about 12 miles south of downtown Fredericksburg. We splurged on a simple cabin so we could avoid more rain and catch up on some sleep. We’re all ready for some zzz’s.


Lots of lovely people talk to us and Tunes, and so many have been and kind or have otherwise been really neat folks:

–The young guy at the bike shop in Alexandria who had a friend who, immediately following the high school graduation ceremony, walked off the stage with his diploma and hopped onto his bike, still in his cap and gown, and took off for California, stopping to pose for pictures in his grad garb all along the way.

–The teenager at the ice cream parlor who told me we were inspirational and gave Petunia a small scoop of vanilla on the house.

–A woman who was originally from New Jersey who pulled over in her car to offer us assistance when she saw us checking the map, and realizing we were about to go around a dangerous bending road, followed us with her hazard lights on as a safety escort.

–In DC, a woman we saw near the White House told us her daughter follows another dog blog online and would love a picture of Petunia in her doggles. She had once done a trip from north to south across an entire country in the Middle East on a CAMEL. That’s pretty amazing.



About TouringTunes

Petunia is an 8-year old Jackapoo (Jack Russell-poodle mix) who has traveled across the United States on the back of her human's bicycle.... twice. She's also cross-country cycled from Busan to Seoul, South Korea. Petunia and her human currently reside in Montana.
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  1. lily wilson says:

    Love your photos, keep them coming.


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