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The Teton Waltz

Approaching Grand Teton National Park, we scratched our heads at the sign demanding a fee of $12 per bicycle, when a big RV full of people and lots of bikes on the back could get in for $25.  Following a frustrating encounter with … Continue reading

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Wyoming Roaming

Leaving behind the oasis of Jeffery City, we headed to the young and hip Lander, which boasted free camping in the park, a workshop for women involved in outdoor adventuring called the “Get Out More” tour, laundry, a real grocery … Continue reading

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In and around the lake mountains come out of the sky and they stand there

The air was cold and damp at 9,000 feet as we woke up in a national park surrounded by trees, a river and sweeping mountains crested with the illumination of the rising morning sun. Before I left the tent, Greg … Continue reading

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Cross-country touring

With our May departure date approaching, it is time to start sniffing out the route maps for the TransAmerica bike tour before we embark on our journey.

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Bike Touring at Pine Creek Gorge, PA

I enjoyed a lovely 100 mile tour of the Pine Creek Gorge rail trail in Pennsylvania. It’s known as the Grand Canyon of the East Coast, and it was so beautiful that my human and I were all smiles the whole … Continue reading

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