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The Teton Waltz

Approaching Grand Teton National Park, we scratched our heads at the sign demanding a fee of $12 per bicycle, when a big RV full of people and lots of bikes on the back could get in for $25.  Following a frustrating encounter with … Continue reading

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Wyoming Roaming

Leaving behind the oasis of Jeffery City, we headed to the young and hip Lander, which boasted free camping in the park, a workshop for women involved in outdoor adventuring called the “Get Out More” tour, laundry, a real grocery … Continue reading

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Against the Wind

The road was mostly flat and long, bordered by old-western-movie-set rock formations, but not much else. As the sun was sinking low, we arrived in the small town of Saratoga just as the stores were beginning to shut down. I … Continue reading

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The Wild, Wild West

Climbing through the dry heat but loaded up with water and a snacks, we reached the border of Colorado and Wyoming and saw both state’s welcome signs, so we stopped to take some silly pictures! Wyoming is the only state … Continue reading

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